Accepted Posters

1. Hongbin Wang (, Texas A & M University: Perceiving patterns from randomness:  Emergence of structures and cognitive biases in time
2. Xiangen Hu (, Central China Normal University (CCNU) and University of Memphis: Detection the Role of a Participant in a Conversation by Auto-Moderator
3. Hongyu Ma (, CCNU: Collective Identity and Online Collective Actions: A Moderated Mediating Model
4. Hongyu Ma (, CCNU: Why Individuals With Low Self-Esteem Do Not Reap the Benefits of Self-Disclosure on social networking sites
5. Hyun-Jung Cho (, Seoul National University (SNU): Dissociable Neural Mechanisms For Iconic Memory: fMRI study
6. Woojae Kim (, Ohio State University (OSU): How Do PDP Models Learn Quasiregularity?
7. Jin-Hwa Kim (, SNU: Active Long Fixation Correlates with the Formation of Long-Term Memory
8. Chung-Yeon Lee (, SNU: Analysis of information flow network during episodic memory retrieval
9. Jinsan Yang (, SNU: Recognizing Visual Images through Latent Graphical Models based on the Bayesian Nonparametric Methods
10. Min-cheol Whang (, Sangmyung University: Spectral analysis of EEG patterns in social engagement between virtual human-avatar and human
11. Youngjin Hong (, Korea Institute of Robot and Convergence: Morphological cognition for a ceiling mounted construction robot
12. Byoung-Tak Zhang (, SNU: Emulating Neural Assemblies by Molecular Assemblies: Molecular Computing Simulation of Digit Recognition
13. Ji-Hoon Lee (, SNU: Cognitive Language Learning with Molecular Associative Memory
14. Bosun Hwang (, SNU: Motor Imaginary Brain Response Classification using Ensemble Classification Method
15. Mincheol Whang (, Sangmyung University: Can HRP (heart rhythm pattern) predict social relationship between two persons?
16. Segun Goh (, SNU: Neural dynamics of human auditory behavior: computational model-based analysis
17. Sangwoong Yoon (, SNU: Active Data Selection Scheme for Deep Neural Network
18. Jae-Myoung Yu (, SNU: Features influencing judgment on the believability of the narrative of events
19. Suyoung Kim (, Yonsei University: The unconscious thought effect and influence of emotion on complex decision task
20. Byoung-Tak Zhang (, SNU: Sum-Product Graphical Models
21. Cheolho Han (, SNU: Incremental Music Learning with Sparse Ensemble Coding for Regeneration
22. Kyung-Wha Park (, SNU: RBIAS: A model of users' response biases in item ratings
23. Yung-Kyun Noh (, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST): Machine Learning Approach for Sequential Sampling – k-Nearest Neighbor Classification and Metric Learning
24. Byoung-Tak Zhang (, SNU: Restaurant Environment Customer’s Lifelong Incremental Action Sequence Learning Self-Motivated Developmental Cognitive Robot
25. Jiseob Kim (, SNU: Closed-Form Approximation of Drift Diffusion Response Time for Parameter Estimation
26. Eun-Sol Kim (, SNU: Locally Linear Embedding for Face Recognition with Simultaneous Diagonalization
27. Kyoung-Woon On (, SNU: Representation Learning for Accelerometer Data using Convolutional Deep Belief Network
28. Byoung-Tak Zhang (, SNU: Multimodal Hierarchical Models for Visually Grounded Concept Learning from Cartoon Videos
29. Kwonhyun Kim (, SNU: Modeling of response quality degeneration from lengthy survey using CRF
30. Sungryong Koh (, SNU: The Effects of Age of Acquisition in Korean applied to real time data: Eye tracking Evidence